Bridge Automation
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Try our online Webapps in OurSoftware. We have updated the user interface so now these Apps can be run on large screens and smaller mobile devices such as tablets and phones.
Section Property Webapps
Some of the Features:
  • Section property calculations
  • Reinforcement tables
  • Beam analysis
Download our popular Vertical Curve Android App for free on Google Play
Vert Curve Android App
Some of the Features:
  • Calculates elevations on a symmetric parabolic curve
  • Calculates one or more elevations
  • Elevations can fall on the tangent sections before and after curve
  • Email results
Both Mobile Website and PS-RC Webapp will be deprecated at the end of the year. All the functionality will now be offered in our main website. Please note that small mobile devices are no longer being forwarded to bridgeautomation mobile. To access our legacy mobile site use the link above from your mobile device.